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Long Term Leasing

AVIS Macau welcomes inquiries on long term rental and/or leasing programs. We tackle each individual project, being for companies or individual users, to provide tailor made, competitive long term leasing programs.

   Several advantages exist to long term rental / leasing:
   • Smartest choice of Company Vehicles 
   • More flexibility on capital investments 
   • Risk of depreciation is eliminated 
   • Positive company image by using latest models 
   • Suitable for contract staff & expatriate 


   • Long-term leasing of brand new vehicles for company use could be the best choice of car allowance. Many companies today would own a few company vehicles for the purpose of providing convenient transportation services to its clients and/or for its staff's usage. Having a company car could also be an additional benefit for employees. However, in order to obtain the balance between gaining staff's satisfaction and retention, and the costs involved in maintaining a transportation department, is not an easy task.

   • The main advantage of leasing over purchasing is that depreciation is no longer an issue. Companies can simply change the car for a newer model whenever they wish. Such flexibility not only allows a company to take advantage of a vehicle upgrade without any capital outlay, but also boosts the company's image in the minds of its clients. With just one simple monthly payment to be made, the process is convenient and time-saving. For anyone planning to stay in Macau for only one to three years, or for staff on short contracts, long-term leasing is an option well worth considering


For weekly and monthly rental please call (853) 2833 6789 
/ email avis@avis.com.mo for offers

Thank you!



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